Hair loss and hair fall have been around for a long time, but people choosing to do something about it, is something that has started happening more recently. As a result, there are new procedures being introduced almost every other day and hair transplant surgery is no longer an option that is accessible only to the rich.

As a matter of fact, the hair transplant price has come down so drastically, that it has become a viable option for almost everyone. However, before deciding that this is the procedure for you, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right one. In order to do that, you need to talk to an expert, because only they can guide you in the correct direction. They will check your hair and scalp, and then determine the causes leading to hair fall, and then in accordance, advise you on a procedure for hair transplant.

The latest in the world of hair transplant surgery is something called NeoGraft and this is actually a method by which the entire transplantation is done by machine. This is fast emerging as the most popular method for the Follicular Unit Extraction technique and a growing number of doctors are using it to ensure a full head of hair for their clients.

Very simply put, in the FUE method, small portions of the donor hair are removed from the scalp and before the follicles start to lose their life, they are implanted into the area, where the balding is most visible. However, the process of hair transplant has to be completed as quickly as possible, because when the hair is removed, the follicles cannot last on their own, for very long. This is why, generally, the process is completed over a couple of sessions. This also allows for the healing process to take place naturally.

Now, with NeoGraft, things have actually gotten positively better! This machine is a fully automated hair transplant device and can compete with any brilliant transplant expert. Approved by the USFDA, this machine works on the theory of pneumatic pressure and this is the manner in which the hair is extracted. Because of the pressure, the follicles are not damaged at all. More importantly, the process can be completed with precision and with immediate effect. In trained hands, this machine can complete the transplant process much faster and the entire process can be completed in lesser sittings.

Gone are the days when a transplant was considered something only the financially well off could consider. Today, with better methods and more qualified doctors entering the scene, things have become so much easier. After you have considered the hair transplant price, you can decide which method would prove the best for you!